A Taste of NC

Everytime we get back to North Carolina, there are instantly a few things that we HAVE to have. Aside from BBQ (which could be another post in and of itself), we usually first stop at a gas station to get one of our favorite soft drinks. Yes, even Lindsey who is partial to her fountain Diet Coke will stray for the first few days and get on of her favs.

North Carolina

In no particular order:


There is Sun Drop and Cherry Lemon Sundrop. Hands down Cherry Lemon Sundrop is the best; however, they do not have a diet version so the sugar rush hits a bit quickly.


To the naked eye this looks no different than Iced Tea, perhaps even sweetened with sweetner; HOWEVER, there is a huge different between sweet tea and “sweetened” tea. I never understood this fully until I married Brad. (He taught me how to make it just right…and with plenty of sugar.) In NC (and most of the South) when you ask for tea at a restaurant, it pretty much always means sweet tea. Getting plain iced tea is not really a choice.


Pizza and Mello Yello

This is one of Brad’s favorites. It’s kinda like a really sweet Mountain Dew. He’s always excited when he can find it, as it has a little wider of a geographical span than Cheerwine (see next) or Sundrop. Once he went to a Recruiting Conference in Arkansas and brought back a suitcase of Mello Yellow bottles with him. He savored those over a few months!


Lest you be confused “it’s a soft drink”….in the same way that RootBEER is a soft drink. If you like Dr. Pepper, you will probably like this unique sparkling soft drink. It has a cherry base.

Next time you are in NC, you should definitely check out the Cheerwine and the Cherry-Lemon Sundrop….and Mello Yello and Sweet Tea. These are a few of the drinks that have rotated in and out of our refrigerator while we’ve been here at CIT.

  • Jamie

    Fun post and I am with you on all those – except that I have never tried the Cheerwine. Definitely going to be on the lookout for that one! Take care!