6 Reasons I Love the Agnitus Games for Learning App

I’m always looking for ways to engage my children in learning beyond what they are learning at school.  Now that we’ve started to get into more of a rhythm of school, early mornings, routines, school work, I wanted to have something different and educational on our iPad to use for downtime after school.

As I looked for some apps to supplement learning for my kindergartner, I ran across many free apps. Free apps are always nice (and largely available), but you do get what you pay for. So I started looking into some paid apps that would encourage reading, phonics, and early math skills or my five-year-old, and provide a little more depth and substance.

I came across Agnitus and thought I’d give it a try. Agnitus runs a bit differently, in that you have to purchase a subscription (whether it’s monthly, yearly, or a lifetime subscription) and it’s not just a one-time fee.  I’ll admit this initially deterred me from trying it out, but for some reason I kept on getting drawn back to it. (See below for a 10% promo code you can use.)

Once I looked into what the app had to offer, I decided to try it out, and I have not been disappointed.


Here are 6 reasons I love the Agnitus Games for Learning app:

1. Customized Progression of Learning Activities

The games go sequentially through each level according to your child’s rate of advancement. If there’s an area they need more work on, it will keep playing games associated with those skills at that level until they’ve mastered it.

2. Variety of Learning Areas and Activities

The different activities focus on sounds, letters, reading skills, numbers, math, music, shapes, coloring, and many more. I love that I have one app that covers so many different areas.

3. Profiles for Each Child

You can set up profiles for each child that will be using the app. I really love this feature, because my 2 year old can work on his activities at different levels than my 5 year old. So, each child can progress at their own rate and play activities appropriate for their level of development. (You can even set-up an easy password for each profile, so they don’t accidentally start playing under another profile and mess up their progress.)

4. Activity Tracking and Reports

Each child has a log of their activities: which game they played, how long they played, how well they did, etc. I like this for the times when I’m not sitting right next to my kids playing along with them. It gives me a snapshot of what areas we need to work on a little more in daily life. (It also shows me which activities they enjoy the most, as they spend more time in those areas.)

5. Promotes Reading Skills

With a new kindergartner, we are all about letters, sounds, and reading at the house. The app, of course, provides practice with letters and sounds, but some of the other features help pre-readers as well. The stories and songs on the app have the words at the bottom of the screen, which your child can follow along with as they hear the words. Options also include tracking the words from left to right by dragging a finger across the words. So they can hear the words at their pace, as they control the speed as they track.

6. My Children Love It!

My kids keep going back to this app over and over again. Due to the variety of games, colors, sounds, and interaction, they love to play all the various games within the app. Frequently, my kids will be singing the songs they hear on the app or refer to an activity they played on the app. They are connecting their real-world experiences with what they are learning on the app. Can’t beat that!

The company advertises the app for ages 2-7. I definitely have to work alongside of my 2 year old with the activities, as he hasn’t quite mastered the touch screen yet and needs some help with some of the basic concepts still; however, my five year old loves the freedom of picking her own activities. I’ve found the activities and skills have been a great supplement to what she’s learning at kindergarten.

Agnitis can be purchased at iTunes and is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android…or just your desktop. (We’ve had the best overall functionality on the iPad, so that’s where we usually use it. And I haven’t let my kids try it on my computer yet.) All you have to do is set-up an account, then decide what subscription level you want. You can use the same account on multiple devices.

Let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: Agnitus did not ask me to do this review…I wanted to share it, because we have enjoyed the app so much. They did offer a 10% discount code for my readers, so feel free to use PROMO CODE: PLAY10 for 10% off.