5 Gift Ideas for Women

Having a hard time deciding what gift to get for a woman in your life? Need some gift ideas for women? I have put together a list of a handful of my favorite kitchen items I use on a daily basis, which would be a great Christmas, birthday, or just because gift. KitchenAid Mixer I […]

Kitchen Hack: Muffin Tins for Taco Toppings


The other day we were having tacos for dinner, which of course means lots of toppings — lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, onions, cheese, sour cream, salsa, chipotles, etc. For me this translates into –> LOTS OF BOWLS OF STUFF! I had already spent a lot of time in the kitchen that day and I honestly […]

A Preschooler Favorite: Prep Bowls (aka “Dip-Dip Bowls”)

pre school prep bowls

Anyone with a preschooler knows the obsession they have with dipping sauces. In our house it can be anything — ketchup, mayo, hummus, mustard, carmel sauce, apple sauce, etc. No matter how gross it can be at times (hot dogs and apple sauce anyone? Or how about mustard and apples?)….it all comes down to the […]