Uruguayan Birthdays

Uruguayans know how to celebrate a birthday. For example, at the first birthday party we went to here there was a cake that literally had a fountain of fire coming out of it.  After blowing out the candles (some of them were trick candles I think), everyone had various desserts filled with a caramel type sweet called Dulce de Leche.

We were both impressed, Shiloh Lucia jumped, and the boy in the picture cheered.

Then this past Saturday we went to another birthday party. This time for a small girl who was having a princess party. Needless to say Brad hung out with the men. However Shiloh had fun watching everything as she wasn’t big enough to participate yet.

If you look closely, you will see Shiloh Lucia on the far right side being held by a friend of ours.

This party was hosted by the brother of a friend of ours in Houston. Small world huh? We enjoyed eating multiple rounds of sandwiches and other foods, singing happy birthday, taking pictures, eating the cake, and also making new friends.

We are beginning to learn more and more about the importance of birthday parties here (I guess just like anywhere else they are popular here). But we’ve been very impressed with how big of a production the parents are able to put on for their kids by renting out party centers, having professionals entertain the kids, catering food, and seeing some of the most fun cakes we’ve ever seen.