How to Cut Costs When Shopping Online


If you aren’t shopping online already, chances are you will soon. Buying online doesn’t have to cost you a fortune though. As we were getting some office essentials online this week, I was reminded of a few tips to make your online purchases cheaper after saving $30. People are shopping online due to increased inventory, (sometimes) lower prices, […]

Cash for Cans! Well….bottles.

Growing up, I always looked at the coke bottles that said you could return the bottle for 5 cents; however, you could never do that in Texas and that always puzzled me. Well, here in Uruguay you can definitely turn in your bottles. Following up on Brad’s post on 7 Tips on How to Save […]

7 Easy Ways to Save Money Around the House

A home is not only where the heart is but also where most families blow way too much money. From electronics to appliances to power to food to everything else, it is easy for your home to become a financial black hole. We, like many others around the world, found ourselves asking where we could […]