Easy DIY Character Cake

So…your little one has his/her birthday coming up. They know what kind of party they want, what they want to do, what kind of character cake they want, what party favors they’ll give out, etc… It’s all planned out — down to the very detail. So yesterday my daughter turned five years old. If you […]

Baking Soda and Vinegar Activity for Kids

Baking Soda and Vinegar Activity

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter loves to do crafts. She could do some severe damage at craft stores in the future if her craft obsession continues at the same level it is now. But she also likes to do fun and new activities. Whether it’s cold outside or hot, we always like to find […]

Advent Study – Truth in the Tinsel

Every year I look for a good advent study to do with my kids. This year I’m going to give “Truth in the Tinsel” a try. I’ve seen it advertised throughout the years and finally decided to get it this year. There are a few things I love about this study: Crafts The lessons are based […]

Practical Learning with a Tracing Activity Book

tracing activity book

Letters, numbers, words and counting…. This is what my preschooler’s world is all about right now… So why not capitalize on this interest and make it fun with a tracing activity book?! I originally made this book when my daughter was 3 (hoping to instill some interest in numbers) and she enjoyed it for a […]

How to Create a Gallery Wall in 3 Easy Steps

By Jessica Friedman I am a traveler. I L O V E to travel. I am also a photographer, so as you can imagine when I go on a trip I come back with hundreds of pictures. I wanted a way to display some of my favorite pictures from my favorite trips, so I decided to […]

DIY Picture Frame Upcycle

Frame Upcycle

I’m a sucker for Pottery Barn decor…well Pottery Barn anything. I love the clean, simplistic look. Elegant, yet country at times. So I will take every opportunity to make something look a bit more Pottery Barn-ish. I’m currently in a black frame decor state-of-mind and when we moved into our new house the walls needed […]

How to Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

reupholster dining room chairs

The other month I posted about how I stained and polished our older dining table. We decided the chairs also needed a face lift, so we decided to reupholster dining room chairs as well. I had never tried to reupholster dining room chairs before, so I gave it my best shot to see what I could […]