How to Quickly Restore Wood Furniture with Old English

Have you ever needed to restore wood furniture? Perhaps spruce up a wooden table, coffee table, frame, etc?

Life happens (especially when you have kids) and that wood can get some tough love at times.  We had some tables that were in pretty bad shape. Take this dining room table, for example.


So I began researching how to refinish and stain them….but then my mom suggested using some Old English, in order to restore wood furniture

I admit, I had seen Old English on the shelves at the store, but I had never used it. But I was willing to give it a try and it seemed a whole lot easier than fully refinishing a table. Here’s the one I got:


I was amazed at what this little bottle of oily stain could do. It made it look like a brand new table!


The process was very easy. Here’s a few tips:

  • Use a rag you don’t intend to use for anything else, because it will get stained….BAD.
  • Squirt the oil onto your rag or directly onto the piece of furniture. (Pending on how scratched it is, you might need to put directly on the table like I did.)
  • The more oil you put on the furniture, the longer it will take for the wood to absorb it.
  • Once you’ve let the oil set on the table. Take a clean rag and rub all the excess oil off the table. (This way you won’t stain table clothes, clothes, etc.)
  • Keep the rag in a ziplock that you will only use with your future Old English projects. (This way you don’t have to ruin more rags!)

What else have you found helpful to restore wood furniture?