7 Ways to Keep Infertility from Ruining Your Marriage

ruining your marriage

Infertility does a number on your marriage. It could have ruined our marriage, but infertility actually strengthened our marriage. Today I’m thankful for how it brought my husband and I closer. We learned a lot about ourselves and our marriage. We failed many many times, but we ultimately came out stronger as we had to […]

5 Reasons Why Infertility is a Silent, but Deadly Struggle

deadly struggle

Infertility remains, by far, the hardest challenge I have ever faced. It is a silent, but deadly struggle. Most couples going through infertility would whole-heartedly agreed with this statement. A couple experiences not only physical struggle, but also the mental and emotional struggle that goes along with it. Often times, you wouldn’t even know the struggle exists. […]

Lessons Learned on Vacation

lessons learned on vacation

Vacation is a great time to get away from your daily routine, explore and have some good family time. I also feel like I’m a better and more effective parent and spouse when I’m on vacation….and it’s more than just being away at a nice place and eating great food. Here’s some lessons learned on […]

Baseball Traditions & Due Date Baseball Games

Opening Day is just around the corner… for those who love baseball, this gives you an adrenaline rush and a hopeful expectation of what the season has to hold. For the Bridges family, it’s exciting because we love baseball. Brad’s family has always loved baseball. Actually, it’s America’s past-time, right? They spent hours and hours […]

Baby Bridges!

After nearly three years of infertility struggles, we are excited and blessed to say that God has blessed us with a little one! We know that the Lord shows His faithfulness to us in ways that we don’t understand and that His timing is not always our timing…but the Lord chose now to bless us […]

Board Games: Spouseology and Bang!

How many of you pull out board games during the evenings instead of a movie or TV? We don’t usually play board games just the two of us, but when we are with people or at people’s homes…it’s always a BLAST. This past week, we played two new games. SPOUSE-OLOGY This is a game pretty […]