Uruguay’s Exchange Rate and Inflation

In the past 12 months, we’ve watched the exchange rate (US Dollar to Uruguayan Peso) and inflation numbers closely. Why? Life in Uruguay gets more expensive by the day. Uggh! It isn’t a deal breaker at all. It is a good reason for anyone moving abroad to plan well and prepare for things that are […]

A Safety Rubric for Studying Abroad: A Case Study of Spain and Mexico

Recently we were contacted by a college student who is looking to study abroad. She was looking at Mexico vs. Spain. She had some great questions and concerns. As we’ve served in both areas, we thought we’d share a safety rubric of what recommendations we have for people studying abroad–what to consider and what to look […]

A New Language: Spanglish

Today we received an interesting forward about the interesting interactions between the English and Spanish languages. If you have any previous experience with Spanglish or Spanish at all you’ll probably find this interesting, funny, and surprising in some ways. I’m routinely fascinated by the ongoing effects of globalization. Nuevo Idioma La vida ya no es […]

A Taste of NC

Everytime we get back to North Carolina, there are instantly a few things that we HAVE to have. Aside from BBQ (which could be another post in and of itself), we usually first stop at a gas station to get one of our favorite soft drinks. Yes, even Lindsey who is partial to her fountain […]

Did you know? (lessons learned in travel planning)

Today I learned something that may seem like common sense to some and something very surprising to others. While travel planning for a group going to Spain that Lindsey and I are facilitating in March, we of course purchased the plane tickets for our team composed of Americans and Mexicans. However we ran into a snag. […]