10 Male Infertility Myths For Couples Trying to Get Pregnant

Male infertility myths can be immensely discouraging to men (and women). Often the discussions about infertility center around women, miscarriages, getting women to relax (a myth in itself), and more. But rarely do people take time to focus on the male infertility myths associated with the infertility process. In our experience as a couple walking through […]

Infertility is Not Your Identity

Maybe you are a new to the infertility journey. Perhaps you could be considered a seasoned veteran and you know more information than you care to about regarding all things involving reproduction and infertility. Maybe you are in trenches, in the hardest, saddest part of infertility and you can’t even articulate what you are feeling. No matter […]

8 Things Not to Say to Your Friend Going Through Infertility

things not to say

Do you know the things not to say to your friend going through infertility? Many people have never thought through this at all. So a good friend tells you that they are struggling to get pregnant. You want to offer them comfort and support, but you don’t know what to say, right? Maybe you already have a […]

7 Ways to Keep Infertility from Ruining Your Marriage

ruining your marriage

Infertility does a number on your marriage. It could have ruined our marriage, but infertility actually strengthened our marriage. Today I’m thankful for how it brought my husband and I closer. We learned a lot about ourselves and our marriage. We failed many many times, but we ultimately came out stronger as we had to […]

5 Reasons Why Infertility is a Silent, but Deadly Struggle

deadly struggle

Infertility remains, by far, the hardest challenge I have ever faced. It is a silent, but deadly struggle. Most couples going through infertility would whole-heartedly agreed with this statement. A couple experiences not only physical struggle, but also the mental and emotional struggle that goes along with it. Often times, you wouldn’t even know the struggle exists. […]

7 Suggestions For Helping Someone When Infertility Sucks

helping someone when infertility sucks

Infertility sucks. But, it also changed my life. And you never know what what trials people have faced until you get the full story. If you would have told me 7 years ago that I would be sitting here with 3 precious children, I probably would not have believed you. 7 years ago marked when my […]

SHILOH: The Meaning Behind the Name

Anyone who has walked through the dark valley of infertility, miscarriage, or inability to have children, has most likely found themselves clinging to the story of Hannah and her desire for a child in 1 Samuel 1. During our years of praying for a child, I found myself turning towards Hannah’s cry for a child […]