How to Create a Gallery Wall in 3 Easy Steps

By Jessica Friedman I am a traveler. I L O V E to travel. I am also a photographer, so as you can imagine when I go on a trip I come back with hundreds of pictures. I wanted a way to display some of my favorite pictures from my favorite trips, so I decided to […]

DIY Picture Frame Upcycle

Frame Upcycle

I’m a sucker for Pottery Barn decor…well Pottery Barn anything. I love the clean, simplistic look. Elegant, yet country at times. So I will take every opportunity to make something look a bit more Pottery Barn-ish. I’m currently in a black frame decor state-of-mind and when we moved into our new house the walls needed […]

How to Quickly Restore Wood Furniture with Old English

Have you ever needed to restore wood furniture? Perhaps spruce up a wooden table, coffee table, frame, etc? Life happens (especially when you have kids) and that wood can get some tough love at times.  We had some tables that were in pretty bad shape. Take this dining room table, for example. So I began researching how to […]

7 Easy Ways to Save Money Around the House

A home is not only where the heart is but also where most families blow way too much money. From electronics to appliances to power to food to everything else, it is easy for your home to become a financial black hole. We, like many others around the world, found ourselves asking where we could […]