Top 5 Posts from Around the Web. Productivity, Recipes, Books, and Educational Activities

If you’re like me, you find yourself scrolling through Facebook or Instagram several times a day. It’s a wealth of information for parenting, lifestyle, cooking, crafting, and any other topic you might want to learn about. The articles can be so educational and provide so many opportunities to learn.

I’m challenging myself to not only read the articles, but actually do the ones that I enjoy. Here are a few that I plan to act on in the next week.


Top 5 Favorite Posts of the Week:

1. Coloring = De-stress?

I was reading the “Huffington Post” the other day and ran across this interesting article. You color with your kids, but can coloring help you de-stress? According to this , yes!

2. Princess Books

My daughter is all about princesses right now. Elsa, Anna, Cinderella, Aurora, etc…. She’s also into books and reading. I ran across this article today from “Artful parent” about non-traditional and brave princesses. Looking forward to checking out some of these books at our library next week!

3. Productivity

Who doesn’t want to be more productive with their day? I love to look through‘s articles. I can always learn something from them — It’s not just for entrepreneurs or business wo/men. I found this article on productivity and thought you might enjoy it too.

4. Rainy Day Educational Activities

I’m always looking for creative and educational activities to do on rainy days. This educational article from “Teaching 2 & 3 year olds” provided some fun, tactical ways for your kiddos to work on their letters and their name.

5. Fall Recipes

It’s apple picking season. Need a new recipe to use up the dozens of apples you can’t seem to get rid of? “The Gunny Sack” shared this apple recipe and it looks amazing…and you can’t beat it with some BlueBell ice cream.