How to Make Easter Hot Cross Buns…(It’s Not just a Song)

Growing up, I was the baker of the house. So whenever Easter rolled around I was in charge of making the “Easter Bunny Cake.”  This year I wanted to try something new…and I ran across The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Hot Cross Buns and was inspired.

We’ve all heard the song:

Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns
One a penny, Two a penny
Hot Cross Buns

hot cross buns

But you might now know that is is actually related to a Good Friday/Easter tradition.  I had NO.IDEA!

Quick Wikipedia run-down:

  • Traditionally eaten the Tues before Ash Wednesday  until Good Friday.
  • The cross (logically) represents the Crucifixion of Christ. 
  • Superstitions:
    • Serve them on Good Friday and they will last a whole year.
    • Keep a bun to use as medicine when someone gets sick the next year.
    • Share a bun with a friend and you’ll friendship will be strong all year
      • Follow your gift with:
        “Half for you and half for me, Between us two shall goodwill be”
    • Hang a bun in the kitchen and all your bread (read: yeast items!) will turn out without a hitch.

So now that you have been educated, here’s the recipe Ree used ….

Since we don’t like raisins or currants cooked in our bread, I did half with dried cranberries (to keep with tradition!) and half with chocolate chips (because who doesn’t like chocolate?!).   Try it yourself and see what you think.

What other Easter cooking traditions do you have in your house?

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns 1Hot Cross Buns 2

hot cross buns

Hot Cross Buns 3 

hot cross buns