Infertility is Not Your Identity

Maybe you are a new to the infertility journey. Perhaps you could be considered a seasoned veteran and you know more information than you care to about regarding all things involving reproduction and infertility. Maybe you are in trenches, in the hardest, saddest part of infertility and you can’t even articulate what you are feeling. No matter […]

The Double Standards of Parenting

double standards of parenting

Double standards. We all hate them, right? Why should someone expect something of you when they are not willing to do it themselves? Lately, I’ve been convicted of the double standards I have for my kids. This conviction was compounded when I saw this quote come over my Facebook feed: NOTE TO SELF: Treat yourself the way […]

How to Encourage Your Single Friends

single friends

Today’s guest post is from a good friend of mine, who just happens to be single. I asked her what are some of the ways a married woman can encourage her single friends and she was excited to share some of the things she’s learned as she hangs out with her married friends. (She jokingly […]

Easy DIY Character Cake

So…your little one has his/her birthday coming up. They know what kind of party they want, what they want to do, what kind of character cake they want, what party favors they’ll give out, etc… It’s all planned out — down to the very detail. So yesterday my daughter turned five years old. If you […]

5 Life Lessons Learned from My Five Year Old

Today my baby turns F-I-V-E. Yes…five. I love celebrating her birthday, because it reminds me once again of the huge blessing she is and how God was faithful to gift us with her life! (Her name tells part of the story if you don’t know why we named her Shiloh.) I love being a momma to […]

Celebrating Good Friday with Kids

Good Friday commemorates when Christ died on the cross for our sins. Most kids do not have school on Good Friday. (For some, it may even be the first day of their spring break!) How would you like to make Good Friday different than any other day off? In what ways can you focus on having a gospel-centered […]