Uruguayan Birthdays

Uruguayans know how to celebrate a birthday. For example, at the first birthday party we went to here there was a cake that literally had a fountain of fire coming out of it.  After blowing out the candles (some of them were trick candles I think), everyone had various desserts filled with a caramel type […]

A Whole New World

From the title of the post, you can guess what we’re talking about. Life is different here. Each day we are reminded of how different WE are. Here are a few examples of who this is a whole new world: – When we get a new bill, we realize that we need cash on hand, […]

You Looking at Me?!

You know that feeling when it feels like everyone you walk by stares at you intently and you get really self-conscious–not knowing what they are staring at? You feel like turning around and saying “are you looking at me?!” I’ve felt that way numerous ways this past week. It’s not the sort of look that […]

A Taste of NC

Everytime we get back to North Carolina, there are instantly a few things that we HAVE to have. Aside from BBQ (which could be another post in and of itself), we usually first stop at a gas station to get one of our favorite soft drinks. Yes, even Lindsey who is partial to her fountain […]

Did you know? (lessons learned in travel planning)

Today I learned something that may seem like common sense to some and something very surprising to others. While travel planning for a group going to Spain that Lindsey and I are facilitating in March, we of course purchased the plane tickets for our team composed of Americans and Mexicans. However we ran into a snag. […]