5 Resources for a Gospel-Centered Easter

Gospel-Centered Easter

Last week was the beginning of Lent, the weeks prior to Easter where we reflect and focus on the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for our sins. It’s a preparation time, as we look forward to the celebration of Easter celebration where Christ conquered death and rose from the grave. Because I wrote Experiencing Epiphany, […]

The Value of Telling Personal Stories to Your Kids

telling personal stories to your kids

Does your nighttime routine with your kids include reading stories? Ours definitely does. Sometimes we only read one book, but other times we get carried away and do lots more. Have you ever tried telling personal stories to your kids? Recently, my husband started telling our daughter stories (opposed to reading them)…and now that’s all […]

9 Ways to Be Active with Your Kids

active with your kids

New Year’s has come and gone. Maybe you decided this year was the year you were finally going to: – lose all that stubborn baby weight – kick your Diet Coke addiction – utilize that gym membership you pay for each month – [insert other good intentioned fitness goal here] Whenever we think about fitness […]

14 Valentine’s Books for Children

valentine's books

If your littles are like mine, they L-O-V-E to be read to. They have their favorite books, so usually its the same books night after night, day after day.  But I do, however, try to pull out some seasonal books to spice things up a bit! Valentine’s Day will be here in a couple weeks. The […]

10 Ways to Have Consistent Time with God as a Parent

consistent time with God

As a parent, I never seem to have enough time to get everything done. Some days I consider it a victory when I get all the kids out of their PJs, manage to slap on some make-up, and everyone eats 3 complete meals. I’m constantly facing the tyranny of the urgent around the house and (sadly) […]

No More Tears: A Solution to Little Girls’ Tangled Hair

tangled hair

If the sight of a brush sends your little girl into tears, you are not alone. Decades Centuries of little girls have fought their moms and dads in the dreaded daily routine of brushing their tangled hair. It’s drama every.single.morning. And I hate the flood of tears that accompanies it. It breaks my heart. (And if you […]