How to Make Snow Cream

Polar Vortex. #snOMG. #Snowmageddon. Call it what you want…this wimpy Southerner just calls it plain COLD. However, when the snow hits (even though it may be very very rare)…Snow Cream is a must! How to Make Snow Cream What you’ll need to get yourself setup to make some incredibly good snow cream: 1 cup milk […]

Uruguay’s National Drink – Yerba Mate (mah-tay) Part II

Yerba Mate.

(This article is Part II of a series of articles on Uruguay’s National Drink – Yerba Mate. The previous article ended by describing how the cebador prepares the mate by pouring in the mate leaves, pouring water, and inserting the drinking tube “la bombilla” into the leaves.) The cebador is responsible to test the first […]

DIY Recipe: How to Make an Easter Bunny Cake

Need a cute (and easy) dessert to bring for your Easter gathering Saturday or Sunday? How about a easter bunny cake? For who knows how long, me and my mom have always made a bunny cake for Easter weekend. I don’t remember how the tradition started or where we heard about it, but tuh-dah — it’s […]

Uruguay’s National Drink – Yerba Mate (mah-tay) Part I

While we still have you thinking about yummy things (i.e. Salchichón), think with us about coffee, carbonated drinks, and Krispy Kreme.  What do they all have in common?  They are all ubiquitous in the U.S., they are all represented by at least one brand name that originated in North Carolina (good things also come from […]

DIY Recipe: How to Make Salchichón

The other day I had a sweet baking partner in my kitchen — EZEKIEL. His mom Vale gave me a great recipe for a traditional Uruguayan dessert called Salchichón (pronounced “sal-chee-ch-oh-n”). Ever since, I’ve had many people ask me how I made it. Many people have asked for the recipe, so I decided to post it […]

Squash and Sausage Casserole Recipe

Squash and Sausage Casserole

Squash and Sausage Casserole 1 or 2 yellow squash 1 onion 1 lb of sausage (I prefer lean) Shredded Cheddar Cheese Wheat Thins Brown the sausage in a pan. Drain. Slice squash into thin slices. Do the same with the onion. Place squash and onions in the pan with the sausage. Keep the heat warm […]