Hamburger Pie

Looking for an easy recipe that’s soon to become a regular staple in your household? Check out this recipe for Hamburger Pie. I grew up eating it, and now everyone in our family loves it (even our 1 year old!) Ingredients needed for Hamburger Pie: 1# ground beef (or turkey) 1 can of crescent rolls (I use […]

Fried Pickles – A Delicious Treat

Fried Pickles

My kids l-o-v-e pickles. They have from the beginning, and I can’t say that I didn’t influence that as I love them myself! I was looking for something different and fun for a snack and I ran across this recipe for fried pickles on the Taste of Home website. So I thought I would give the fried […]

An Easy Classic – Port Holes (or Bird Nests)

Port Holes

Need a quick meal, but tired of sandwiches? Don’t have much on-hand around the house? Port Holes are a great go-to and quick meal that you can whip out in a jiffy. It probably isn’t new to many people, but it’s something we’ve grown to love at our house. Some call them Port Holes. Some […]

Rainbow Layered Mini Birthday Cake

When my daughter turned 4 last month, she wanted a colorful cake. (“Like paint colors Mom!”). I figured she’d want pink and/or purple, since everything has to be pink or purple…but birthday girl gets to chose, so I decided to make a mini rainbow layered birthday cake. I wanted to make it kid-sized….and I loved […]

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Recipe

alfredo lasagna 1

This chicken alfredo recipes is one of my all time favorite recipes, and my kiddos love chicken alfredo! It is so simple and sooo good! Ingredients: 2 jars of alfredo sauce 1 box of lasagna noodles Shredded Mozzarella cheese Italian Herbs seasoning (optional) 2 cans of chunked chicken (or cooked chicken breasts) Instructions Drain your […]

A Preschooler Favorite: Prep Bowls (aka “Dip-Dip Bowls”)

pre school prep bowls

Anyone with a preschooler knows the obsession they have with dipping sauces. In our house it can be anything — ketchup, mayo, hummus, mustard, carmel sauce, apple sauce, etc. No matter how gross it can be at times (hot dogs and apple sauce anyone? Or how about mustard and apples?)….it all comes down to the […]