5 Resources for a Gospel-Centered Easter

Last week was the beginning of Lent, the weeks prior to Easter where we reflect and focus on the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for our sins. It’s a preparation time, as we look forward to the celebration of Easter celebration where Christ conquered death and rose from the grave.

Because I wrote Experiencing Epiphany, I’ve had many people ask me what I do to prepare my kids for Gospel-centered Easter. While I do not currently have an Experiencing Easter book written, here are 5 things you can use to prepare your kids for a Gospel-centered Easter in the upcoming weeks.

Gospel-Centered Easter

1. A Sense of the Resurrection

Gospel-Centered Easter

This book is by the same author of the Truth in the Tinsel, which my kids and I did this past advent season. Using all the 5 senses, A Sense of the Resurrection gets your kids interactively involved as they look at the Easter story.

2. Resurrection Eggs

Children love to use these eggs, because each egg has a little treasure inside. Parents love them, because they promote a Gospel-centered Easter. Each treasure inside highlights a main point of a Bible verse or story. These can be used year after year in unique and different ways for your family.

3. Jesus Storybook Bible

Gospel-Centered Easter

This version of Bible stories always points your children back to
 Christ, His life and His sacrifice for our sins. Use this throughout the year to keep Christ at the forefront of your little ones’ lives.

4. Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Gospel (This book can be used year round, not just for a Gospel-Centered Easter)

Gospel-Centered Easter

Use this resource to help your children grasp the Gospel, in terms they can understand. We started reading this book with our daughter from a very young age, and she loves it. (This is one book in a 4 book series. Any, or all, of these would make a great Easter gift too!)

5. Journey, Easter Journey

Gospel-Centered Easter

All Christian would study and reflect on the life of Christ. This book allows you to walk through these events with your child. As you go through the book, take time to expound upon each event, so your kids have a fuller understanding of why Christ’s life on Earth impacts them today.

As you go through this season of lent, what activities or studies do you do with your kids to prepare for a Gospel-centered Easter?