14 Valentine’s Books for Children

If your littles are like mine, they L-O-V-E to be read to. They have their favorite books, so usually its the same books night after night, day after day.  But I do, however, try to pull out some seasonal books to spice things up a bit!

Valentine’s Day will be here in a couple weeks. The books below are some of our favorite Valentine’s books. My kiddos love these, and I am sure yours will too.

valentine's books

Valentine’s books we currently own:

valentine's books

Other great Valentine’s books:

  • Story of Valentine’s Day – Want a kid-friendly way to explain how Valentine’s Day came to be? Check this one out. (You might learn something too!)
  • Thomas’ Valentine Party – Any boys out there love Thomas the Train? Enough said!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! – The “if you give a mouse a cookie” mouse celebrates Valentine’s Day. My kids love the familiarity of the sweet little mouse.
  • Huggy Kissy – Hugs and Kisses all around! Bond with your kids and do the motions with this book.
  • The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine Blessings – Berenstain Bears remain a classic still today with great lessons to teach your kids. I love how this one integrates faith too.
  • Consider Love – A sweet book that goes through the many types of love. With many adjectives, it is a great way to expand vocabulary skills too.
  • Never Too Little To Love – Determined to get a kiss, the mouse in the story creatively finds solutions to ultimately arrive at his prize. The pages build on top of each other offering a fun visual for the kids.
  • Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story – Who doesn’t love a good porcupine love story?

Obviously this is a VERY short list of just a taste of some of the Valentine’s Day books out there! What about your kids? What are your favorite Valentine’s books? Shoot me a comment and let me know.

  • http://ardentreflections.com/ Vicki Maheu

    Oh, of all of those my favorite would have to Curious George, I loved Curious George when I was a kid!

    • http://www.lindseybridges.com/ Lindsey Bridges

      It’s a cute one. We love curious George even more now that we have a George of our own!