The Essence of Epiphany

Growing up, we always left our Christmas tree up through Epiphany (January 6th). I could never fully understand why. For a young child, Christmas was over after the 25th. However, now that I’m older I have a better grasp of the essence of Epiphany. And it’s important that we continue to share the importance of Christ’s birth with our children. Check out some of my observations about the essence of Epiphany below.

Essence of Epiphany

1. Epiphany reminds us wait and look ahead.

Advent provides us a time to wait for the coming of Christ on Earth; however, Epiphany also serves as a reminder that the wise men had to wait to see Jesus after He was born. Even after Christ was born, the wise men journeyed across lands to worship Christ.

2. Christ came for all.

The wise men represented the first gentiles’ visit to Jesus. Although born King of the Jews, Jesus came to Earth to serve God’s people, ultimately die for our sins on the cross, and conquer death in His resurrection. Christ died for all who have sinned, so Christ came to Earth for all (Romans 3:23)

3. Bring your best for Christ. experiencing-epiphany-lindsey-bridges

The wise men brought Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. As an item often reserved for royalty in Jesus’ day, the gift of gold depicted wealth, prominence and extravagance. The wise men brought their best for Christ, which we do today out of gratitude and reverence but not out of guilt nor to earn His favor.

4. Christ is King. 

Part of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary meaning of Epiphany is “an appearance or manifestation especially of a divine being.” Christ came to Earth fully human, yet also fully divine. Although our finite minds can’t completely grasp that concept and its complexity, the fact remains that Christ is King and reigns in our lives.

These are just a few areas I have reflected upon regarding Epiphany. You may have more and I’d love to hear them below. Don’t forget to take time this new year to experience the joys of Epiphany with your kids.

I’ve created Experiencing Epiphanyas a way to walk through 6 interactive days of exploring the wise men’s journey to visit Jesus. Click HERE to purchase the devotional as a PDF download that you can print (It is also available at Enjoy continuing the Christmas celebration with your kids and family.


  • Mat Stan Samuel

    Well written Lindsey! My own personal reflection leads me to think about how the wise men journeyed long and far. There are a lot of people living without hope, turning to so many other things (e.g. the Herods of their lives) to lead them to the right direction, but the reality is Christ is the only One who can give us hope, and once we come into contact with our Savior, our lives are changed forever. Also, when the wise men left, they were instructed by the angels to not go back the way they came (or go back to Herod), which is important, because when we fully repent, then we cannot go on living in our life of sin. Thank you for your post, because it really convicted my heart to think and cherish the Epiphany more than I would have, had I not read it!

    • Lindsey Bridges

      Wow. There’s a lot of great lessons packed in this short comment! Thanks! I love the additional points you brought out and elaborated on….especially about turning away from our old, sinful ways. God bless you in the new year as you pursue a deeper relationship with Him.

      • Mat Stan Samuel

        Thank you! God bless you as you grow in Him as well! Have a Happy New Year!

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