Advent Study – Truth in the Tinsel

Every year I look for a good advent study to do with my kids. This year I’m going to give “Truth in the Tinsel” a try. I’ve seen it advertised throughout the years and finally decided to get it this year.

Truth in the Tinsel

There are a few things I love about this study:


The lessons are based around crafts, which my daughter LOVES. She will sit and do art for hours — why not have it focused on Christ?!


Each of the crafts prepares an ornament to go along with the lesson for that day. Earlier this year I got a small mini Christmas tree on sale. It will be a perfect place for all the ornaments we make, and help us remember the various parts of Christ’s story.

Biblical Truth

The lessons are based on Scripture and keep our minds focus on Christ during a busy season and holiday.


The book is an eBook, which means you can put it on your phone, computer, or iPad/tablet. (I put it on all 3 so it’ll be available in whatever form I need it on a given day.) If you prefer paper, you can also print it out!

Thorough, Yet Flexible

There are 24 lessons/crafts in the book, which gives you plenty of material for the month; however, the author provides alternative schedules if you don’t want to commit to so much activity or just don’t have time!

Explicit Lessons

The lessons walk you through what to teach and talk about. They also have a supply list so you can be prepared.

Crafting Shortcuts

With an option to just do printable ornaments, you don’t have to mess with all the craft supplies. Maybe you don’t like involved crafts or just want to make December easier.

I’m excited about going through this with my kids. It offers flexibility for kids of all ages, which is awesome for families and/or churches!

Check out this video where the author shares the basics of the study:

Now go GRAB THE BOOK, give it a whirl, and see how you can intentionally stay focused on Christ this Advent and Christmas season.

Truth in the Tinsel

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