Top 5 Posts from Around the Web – Thanksgiving, Marriage, and Motherhood

I enjoy browsing different articles that pop up on social media throughout the week. Here are a few I enjoyed reading this week!

Top 5 Posts

Top 5 Posts from Around the Web

Greatest Blessings

I love this article from @MomBabbleBlog about why “every day a little piece of her dies inside.”  (The title is not what you think it suggests.) While being a mom changes the way you live, your children prove to be one of your greatest blessings in life.


Anyone struggle with contentment? I know I do. “When You Keep Waiting for Real Life to Finally Begin” helps bring things into perspective and was very convicting. The author, Ann Voskamp, also wrote “One Thousand Gifts,” which I’m looking forward to read soon.

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Joy and Excitement in Your Marriage

We all get stuck in a mommy-rut every now and again (maybe more often than we’d like to admit…). This article “The Day I Realized I Was No Longer The Woman My Husband Wanted” from Traci Bild reminds us that we still have plenty of life to live and excitement to pour into our marriages and families.

Thanksgiving Food

Afraid you won’t have enough room in your oven for all the food you have to make for Thanksgiving?! I ran across this article from @FamilyFreshMeals on various Thanksgiving foods, which you can cook in the crock pot. Save your space, time, and sanity!

And a fun video to enjoy before Thanksgiving…

What did you like the best from my top 5 posts? Do you have any that you suggest I read? Let me know in the comments below.