Practical Learning with a Tracing Activity Book

Letters, numbers, words and counting…. This is what my preschooler’s world is all about right now… So why not capitalize on this interest and make it fun with a tracing activity book?!

I originally made this book when my daughter was 3 (hoping to instill some interest in numbers) and she enjoyed it for a while. But now that she’s four and in 4K, she absolutely loves it! She spent 30-45 minutes at the table the other night tracing and coloring with her special pink binder I made her.

What you’ll need for a tracing activity book:

tracing activity book

1. Search the internet for “preschool tracing pages” or “traceable letter and numbers” or any similar combination. (I also did connect the dot pages…)

2. Print out as many as you would like.

HINT: I recommend starting with 5-7 pages, so your child doesn’t get overwhelmed with a mountain full of page options and can stay focused.

3. Put print outs into page protectors.

4. Allow your child to color, trace, or draw on the page protectors with the dry erase markers. (Let them explore and create… Even if they don’t begin with full-fledged tracing, they are still learning and exploring creatively!)

5. Join in the fun or let them have some time alone with their special tracing activity book!

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