Kitchen Hack: Muffin Tins for Taco Toppings

The other day we were having tacos for dinner, which of course means lots of toppings — lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, onions, cheese, sour cream, salsa, chipotles, etc.

For me this translates into –> LOTS OF BOWLS OF STUFF!

I had already spent a lot of time in the kitchen that day and I honestly did not want to do a lot more clean up that night. So I came up with a kitchen hack, serving taco toppings in muffin tins for easier clean up.

taco toppings

Muffin tin = lots of little bowls to put toppings in! WIN-WIN

All we had to do was pass one tin and not worry about passing around (or asking for) 5-8 different bowls to fill our tacos with!

I realize it’s not that novel of an idea, but for me it was a game-changer for the clean-up routine and simply stuffing your taco! And all I had to clean was an extra couple muffin tins…I’d say that is a successful kitchen hack!

This subsequently will work for baked potato toppings, tortilla soup additions, etc.

Give this kitchen hack a whirl, use muffin tins for taco toppings, and your dishwasher will thank you!