Dying Easter Eggs…With Shaving Cream?

You read that right. Today we dyed Easter eggs with shaving cream…and a little bit of food coloring…and they turned out A.W.E.S.O.M.E.


Hard boiled eggs
Shallow square bowls (You need to be able to roll the egg in it.)
Food coloring (we used neon and regular)
Shaving cream
Tooth picks
Paper towels

Easter Egg Ingredients

Step 1. {Set Up}
Divide shaving cream between all your bowls. You need as many bowls as you want colors. It only has to be about an inch thick, anything more than that is useless and just wasteful.

Step 2. {Color}
Put several drops of food coloring randomly in each container. Use different colors.

The Easter eggs have a marbled look, so be creative. There are color combinations on the back of some food coloring boxes too for ideas.

Dying Eggs with Shaving Cream

Step 3. {Swirl It Together}
Swirl the food coloring with a skewer or a toothpick. I used two toothpicks to make it a bit thicker and it didn’t take so long to swirl.

You don’t want it all mixed into a solid color. Just mixed enough to have a nice swirl of all the colors.

Easter Eggs Shaving Cream

Step 4. {The Fun Part}
Make sure your eggs are completely dried off. Roll the egg in the shaving cream. After the egg is coated, take it out and sit it on a paper towel. Don’t wipe off the shaving cream yet.

Easter Egg Dying

Step 5. {Waiting…and Clean Up}
After you roll all of your eggs, it’s time for clean up. The eggs need to sit for at least 5 minutes, so it’s a perfect time to get everything washed out and clean. By the time you are done, your eggs should be ready.

Step 6 {The Reveal}
Each Easter egg needs to be cleaned off with dry paper towels, just wipe them all down. It’s as easy as that!

Easter Eggs


  • This will dye your hands. It washes off eventually, but you might want to consider wearing gloves. (Or do it right before bathtime with the littles, so they can soak it off in the tub!)
  • I did not wipe my hands off when going from one bowl to the other. This worked out well, as it added a little bit of extra color and dimension on the eggs.
  • The brighter the colors, the brighter the eggs. Don’t be stingy on the food coloring. 🙂
  • You can also do this with whip cream instead of shaving cream.