Friday Night Snack – Taco Plate

Taco Plate: Fun, Easy, Quick, Delicious!

I don’t know about you, but our family loves to have “snack nights.” I’m looking forward to Jake and Shiloh being a little older so we can make a bunch of snack foods, have a picnic and watch a family movie or play some games. But for now, we will stick to the simplicity of eating at the table.

This Taco Plate recipe is my new favorite Friday night treat. A friend of mine gave me the recipe a few weeks ago. I made it for St. Patricks day and dyed the cream cheese green. It is super easy, and very quick.

1 8oz package of cream cheese.
Taco Sauce
1 small can of Rotel
Shredded Cheese

Black Olives
Taco Seasoning
Refried Beans

Taco Plate Ingredients

Chop your lettuce so that it is small enough to be scooped onto a chip.

Chop Lettuce

Spread your cream cheese out on a large plate. (You can mix in a packet of taco seasoning with the cream cheese, if you want to.)

Make sure it is spread thick enough that you can scoop it off, but not so thick that you can’t cover the plate. (the next layer would be the beans if your family likes them.)

Taco Plate Cream Cheese

Poor on your taco sauce. You don’t need to use the whole jar. Just enough to cover the plate.

Taco Plate Taco Sauce

Add Rotel, Lettuce, and cheese (and black olives if you wish.)

Serve cold with tortilla chips.

Taco Plate

This is an awesome dish to take for parties. It takes 10 minutes to put together and tastes delicious!

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    What a great idea.