Shout Out to OtterBox

Any mom with young kids and a smart phone knows that it is ESSENTIAL to protect the investment of your phone. (And if you don’t know this, you will soon learn either by experience or frustration!)

After all that 2×5 inches of electronics, does have your whole life on it (at least mine does!) and I need not mention the life-saving entertainment element when the kids have gone past their limit on your “quick” trip into Target.

The other day I looked down at my phone and my OtterBox case was on its last leg. The silicon was loose and wouldn’t even stay around my phone and the bottom plastic cover was cracked and could barely hold itself together. It definitely was not doing my phone any good in the protection area.

But I was kind of stuck in a bind…. I REALLY needed to get a new cover, but I also knew  I was getting close to upgrade time on my phone—which translates into a different size phone and thus a different case. This would require a new case as the upgraded phone would be a different size.

I love OtterBoxes and have been very thankful for all the times it has saved me from a cracked screen or a cracked body. However they do come at a cost–even if it is well worth the investment (and believe me it is!). And I was looking to save some pennies during the limbo period until my next upgrade.

So, I put out an SOS on Facebook to try to find a friend with an old cover that they aren’t using any more and someone suggested that I submit a warranty claim to OtterBox to see if they would replace it. I knew that had bought the OtterBox on Amazon quite a while ago; however I thought I would give it a shot just to see what would happen.

What I learned was the process was super easy, the customer service was very helpful, and I was able to get a new product sent to my house very quickly. They had an online submission for the warranty which detailed every step you needed to do very clearly and also allowed you to do everything digitally. (This always wins brownie points in my world!)

All I had to do was take a picture of the damaged OtterBox and the serial number on the cover, and supply them with my mailing address and basic contact information, in case they had any questions. Within a few hours of sending in my claim, I got a response from the company that said it has been reviewed and they would be sending me a new product. Within another day I got an email stating that the product was out for shipment and would be at my house within 3-5 business days.

Photo Jan 21, 9 02 24 AMPhoto Jan 21, 9 04 20 AM

Im not gonna lie…I was super excited that my phone would be protected again and I wouldn’t be trembling every time I held it being afraid i would drop it and ruin my screen.

When I got the box it only had the hard plastic internal shell in it. However I had submitted a claim for BOTH parts that were broken. I quickly emailed the warranty department and told them of the dilemma. They were quick to correct their error and send out the other part.

Needless to say, if I wasn’t an OtterBox fan previously, I am hands down a full advocate of OtterBox, its product, and its customer service and warranty department now!

Since my experience I’ve had several moms who have been in the same situation needing a new case for their phone, yet not wanting to spend the money for that few week or few month window between now and their new upgrade.

Again, I would highly recommend utilizing their warranty policy and taking advantage of being able to protect your phone without investing fully in a new cover.

Thanks again OtterBox, for making the process so smooth for a mom who doesn’t have a whole lot of time to spend on the phone with customer service.  You have won over a lifetime customer and earned yourself an eternal advocate and spokeswoman for your product.