How to Organize Craft Supplies

Organize craft supplies.

Glitter. Scrap paper. String. Paints. Stamps.

organize craft supplies free labels

At any point in time, you can find these things strewn across my kitchen table. In fact, bedtime was extended an hour tonight, in order for my little artist to finish 2 cards she HAD to give to her preschool teachers tomorrow.

She’s practicing her writing and thinking of others….and for me, that’s worth staying up a little late and letting your creative juices flow! 🙂

The cost of this, however, is craft supply chaos. I really needed to teach her how to organize craft supplies. So I decided it was time to restore some order and organize her craft closet. It’s easy to do, can be done fairly quickly, and provides  you with some sanity! Don’t wait until it’s too late to organize craft supplies. (ok I know that sounded a little dramatic).

What you’ll need (at least if you actually want to organize craft supplies):

  • Storage boxes
    • rubbermade boxes
    • shoe boxes
    • plastic wipe boxes (because we all know those just seem to accumulate when you have a little one!)
    • whatever else works for you
  • Plain mailing labels (or you can just print on white paper)
  • All your craft supplies


1. Divide up your supplies in a given box. (markers in one, scissors in one, paints in one, glue…. etc)

2. Print out your label and stick (or tape) on the side of the box.

3. Stick it up in your craft closet and breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’re one step closer to restoring order in another area of your life!

Use this FREE DOWNLOAD to get you started. This list is by no means extensive, so get creative with other categories. Comment below with other categories you would add to this file.

*Designed to be used with Avery 5163 Mailing Labels

FREE Download: Craft Supply Labels Sheet
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Finding time to do crafts is hard enough. We hope this free craft supply label sheet gets you started and/or saves you time. 
  • Danielle

    Thanks for the tips! I know what you mean about having craft supplies everywhere. I finally dedicated a space in our rec room and it’s great! I now have my own area for everything. In fact, I recently gave my craft area a facelift. In my craft closet, I used a shoe rack (the one that hangs over the door) and placed tools in each pocket. It was a tip I learned from a fellow crafter and is great!


    • Lindsey Bridges

      Thanks for the tip Danielle. Do you let your kids take things out of it or is the closet off limits to the kiddos? Appreciate your help.