A Lesson from Conversation Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU.

One of my favorite things about Valentine’s candy is the conversation hearts. Yes, those sugary, chalky hearts with sappy messages on them. Why? I don’t know. I’m also am a sucker for candy corn and jelly beans around Easter and Halloween….I blame the sweet tooth. But back to the conversation hearts.

I’ve always enjoyed reading the message on the hearts each year — trying to see what new message they’ve conjured up for the year. Lo and behold, this year I found a “History of the Hearts” in the Jan/Feb Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine:

I love to see how the “conversation” started in the 1900s and how it’s progressed to present day. Though only a slight glimpse into society, it’s still a very telling commentary on the attitudes and perspectives on love today.

Conversation Hearts

A few things we can learn:

1. The words we use when communicating are important.
Do you want someone to tell you “BITE ME” or “BE MINE”? Flirt or QT pie? Use your words with care. Even if they seem insignificant, they matter and can make or break someone’s day.

2. Do you want to be lovable or demand love?
Many of the words are asking for love: Dig me. Fax me. Tweet me. Text me.
Men, do you want to be the pursuer or have a woman demanding love and attention.
Women, should you need to ask for love and attention? Your character and attitude should be so attractive that love will flow naturally.

3. Keep things novel
Part of the beauty of love and relationships is that it is new every day. Just as these candies have new terms and expressions of endearments (if you can call “bite me” or “as if” enduring…), we also have the opportunity to show our appreciate to those we love in unique and impacting ways.

If you could pick one saying message to put on a heart for your spouse, boy/girl friend, kids, parents, or friend, what would it be? Drop us a line in the comments…maybe we’ll get some zingers to pass along to Necco 🙂


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  • Sherry Collins

    Cute post! I’m a sucker for conversations hearts too. I’d say “You Rock” or “Sweet Tart” or “Sugar Daddy” or “My Handyman” (too long?), but some of these might already be out there!

    • http://www.lindseybridges.com/ Lindsey Bridges

      I’d probably out my kids nicknames on them! Even as an adult my mom always sends me a bag of conversation hearts no matter where I’m located! Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!