Valentine Note Made from Conversation Hearts

I love conversation hearts!

They are my favorite part about Valentines Day, other than making valentines with my daughter for all of her classmates. I came across this idea the other day and decided to try it out. Making Valentines Day cards out of conversation hearts. Cute, right?

Conversation Hearts

Here’s what you need:
Conversation Hearts
Card stock
Glue (hot glue works the best, because it’s quick drying)

1- Go through your bag and pick out the hearts with phrases that you would like to use on your card.

2- Think outside of the box. Lay out your candies and start writing your letter. This is the fun part! You want to do a rough draft in case you want to change things up as you go.

3- Fold your piece of paper to make it into a card (if you wish, or you can just give it to them as a flat piece of paper) and start writing your letter out and gluing down the conversation hearts.

Conversation Heart Letter

4- Time to let the creative juices flow. Embellish your card, you could use glitter, or markers, or gemstones. the possibilities are endless!

5- Finally, you get to present your hard work to your sweetheart.

Shiloh loved making these cards too! We had fun playing with the different ways we could use the little sayings on the hearts to make sentences that were meaningful, or just plain funny!

Hope you have as much fun making these as we did! Leave a comment below with some a clever sentence you came up with on your Conversation Heart card.

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