Sweet Candy Letter

I love being creative with gift-giving. My love language is not gifts, but if it’s something that is creative, memorable, and thoughtful like this candy letter, then I’m all in.


When my husband and I first started dating, he went on a 2 week trip to Papua New Guinea to speak at a youth conference. I wanted his homecoming to be special and memorable, so I created a Welcome Home poster for him made out of candy.

He came home exhausted, jet-lagged, and a case of what we think was Malaria, but this poster was something that lit up his face when he walked into his dorm room after over 39 hours of travel.

Recently, we re-created a similar candy letter for some friends who returned from their honeymoon, which are the pictures you see. This makes fun, creative, and sweet card for a friend or a loved one.

sweet letter 2

Things to gather:
– Poster board or card stock (pending on how many pieces of candy you’re going to use!)
– Hot glue gun
– Markers
– Decorating accessories
– An assortment of candy bars and gum

sweet letter

*You can either plan out your note ahead of time and buy corresponding candy…or head to the store, buy an assortment of candy, then have fun figuring out how you can use all words from the candy while you’re creating your project. I prefer the latter…makes the process more fun. 🙂

1. Start by writing a mock-letter on paper, so you know how you’re going to use up all that candy. Don’t worry if it’s cheesy…that’s part of the fun! (Extra points if you can throw in an inside joke.)

2. Then write your letter on the poster. Make sure to glue down the candy before continuing to the rest of the sentence, so you ensure you have enough space.

3. Once everything is set, have at it decorating the rest of the letter. This card was primarily designed by a 3.5 year old…. I’m all for personal expression and creativity in art, so I just let her have fun making it for our dear friends. The imperfections are what make it special!

sweet candy letter

Happy crafting!

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