Valentine’s Day Cards with Initials

Valentine’s Day is coming up. My favorite part? School parties and kids valentines.

valentines cards 3

Using the inspiration of some cardboard boxes lingering around the house, I decided my little one and I would have a craft day and begin making our preschool Valentine’s Day cards.

Here’s what you need:
– cardboard box or cardstock
– masking tape
paints (we used acrylic)
paint brushes
– whatever other embellishments you want to use!

valentines card painting

1. Cut the cardboard into pieces you’d like (it could be square, rectangle, hearts, etc)

2. Place masking tape in the shape of the first letter of each name in the middle of the cardboard.

valentines initial cards

3. Making sure the masking tape is pressed down tight with a good seal, you are ready to paint.

4. Paint the cardboard in whatever style you want. (My little one decided she wanted “boy colors” and “girl colors”, so we prepped our paints accordingly.

painting valentines day cards

5. Let the paint dry COMPLETELY.

6. Then remove the masking tape and you’ll have the shape of the initial.

valentines cards

7. You may want to add glitter, stickers, other messages, etc, on the card…. use your imagination and get creative.

8. Finish off the Valentine by pairing it with some candy, cookies, a toy/coloring book, or another gift of your choosing.

NOTE: We have been going through these letters a million times talking about whose letter it was, what the sound was, and what the name of the letter was….. WIN-WIN in knocking out a gift and getting some learning done at the same time!

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