Dog Walkers

All cultures have elements that are very endearing and some not-so-endearing. One aspect of Uruguayan culture that we have fallen in love with are the dog walkers in our neighborhood. These men (very few are women) arrive at people’s homes at prescribed times on a daily basis, take the leash, and walk the dog.

But wait, that’s not all. They don’t just walk one dog at a time, sometimes they walk upwards of 10-15 dogs minimum at a time somehow managing to keep them all on separate leashes, without fighting, and they bring them back home. Seems like a job I could never do. Although it is pretty cool to see two men walking 15 beagles each.

Dog walkers can be found all over Montevideo.

Although we both find ourselves playing hopscotch just to avoid the dog poop in the parks and sometimes on the streets, we do appreciate the fact that there are lots of dog walkers that give us regular opportunities to see some precious little puppies.

  • Chris Smith

    This is awesome. I guess it is like an art or trade. You get to become an expert with time. Sounds like a cool job.