A Whole New World

From the title of the post, you can guess what we’re talking about. Life is different here.


Each day we are reminded of how different WE are. Here are a few examples of who this is a whole new world:

– When we get a new bill, we realize that we need cash on hand, must pay it usually within 5 days, and need to walk to a store to pay in person.
– When Brad goes for a jog to get some exercise, he gets skeptical looks, he’s one of a few wearing shorts, and he dodges dog droppings like Emmitt Smith used to dodge defensive linemen.
– To cross the city, we use a computer program to find the route, walk to a bus stop, sometimes change buses, and then finally 20-45 minutes later arrive at our destination.
– When showing up for a morning meeting, rather than carrying a cup of coffee, most people show up here without anything to drink and if they do have something it is Mate.

New country, new customs, new thoughts, new smells, new ideas. When everything is new, you feel disoriented. Life simply isn’t as it was. I call this disorientation.

We are enjoying the process (well, not always) of learning a new kind of normal. In some ways we’ll never be the same again, in other ways we’ll stay the same.