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A friend of ours sometimes blogs with his wife by sharing their differences and similarities in perspectives on various issues. They call it, He Said | She Said.

We find ourselves looking forward to beginning our new life in our new home in Uruguay. Ahhh the thought of being able to come home after a long week and watch a movie in my own apartment. We thought we’d share our perspectives on what movies we like. Lindsey likes certain movies. Brad likes others. We both like some of the same. Enjoy!

He Said (Brad’s Perspective)

I love action, drama, real life, multicultural perspectives, sports, sports, sports, and history. How in the world can someone not like these? I mean really. Sports movies are just about the most interesting things on the planet. I think I could honestly watch the movie Rudy 100 times in a row.


Now for some reason I have never enjoyed any type of sci-fi or fantasy films. It is not that there is anything inherently wrong with them but they are really outside of my “normal” box. When I hear the words Klingon, Chewbaca, or Gandolf, I think “huh?” What language are you speaking in?

But for some reason drama has always captivated me and it comes out in the types of movies I watch when I get the chance. A good drama with lots of dialogue, arguments, sadness, and usually a nice resolution in the end make for 1.5 hours of excellent entertainment. I can handle chick flicks but sometimes the British ones are a little over the top (especially Hugh Grant). I’ll never forget how shocked I was when Lindsey fell asleep during BlackHawk Down. Unbelievable. 🙂

She Said (Lindsey’s Perspective)

I’m pretty flexible with movies. Having had 2 major surgeries this spring, where I was required to lay on the couch for a few weeks…I got my fair share of movies in. (and YES, it is possible to get sick of watching movies!) Generous friends loaned me movie after movie, genre after genre…so I’ve seen the gamet of movies–especially this year.
Generally, I’ll pass on Sci-Fi or Fantasy, but will watch it if it’s a must. Anything scary, murderous, or scary suspenseful is an instant cut from my choices. Dramas are so-so, pending on the subject matter. I do enjoy watching action packed movies with Brad. (And for the record, I did like BlackHawk down…).
Cheaper By the Dozen
Like most things in life, I’m pretty flexible, but usually my go-to movie types are something feel-good, comic, or a romantic comedy. I don’t mind going back to my childhood and watch kids movies, Disney movies, etc. (Cheaper by the Dozen is one of my favorites! I love kiddos! )