Yummy Recipes a la Greta

While we were at Greta and Bob’s house in Alabaster, Alabama, last night we had a chance to experience some of Greta’s home cookin’. What a cook she is! Greta’s sister (and Brad’s other cousin) Julie was able to come to dinner too. It was fun to reconnect with 2 of the Loftin girls. Greta made some stuffed chicken in the oven. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested in making it.

goat-cheese-chickenStuffed Goat Cheese Chicken
– Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
– Slice through the middle of a raw chicken breast making a “pocket” within the chicken to stuff the insides
– Lay fresh basil leaves in the inside of the chicken breast (depending on how strong you want the basil taste to be depends on how much you want to put in there)
– Stuff goat cheese in the chicken with the basil
– Lay chicken breasts in casserole dish
– Drizzle chicken with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper
– Cook in the oven for 35 to 40 minutes.
– Serve with something yummy! (Greta had salad, white rice, asparagus, and bread! YUMMM!)

Thanks for a great dinner Greta! As we were getting it ready, we had fun feeding little Sam his own dinner. He even got to try broccoli (also named little trees or bushes) which he loved!

After getting Sam down for bed, we sat in the living room enjoying some time together and sipped some homemade white chocolate lattes, which is basically strong coffee with milk, and in this case white chocolate. Here’s how we whipped up some of those:


White Chocolate Lattes (for 2 mugs)
– brew some really strong coffee
– meanwhile, melt 2/3 C. whole milk with 6 T. of white chocolate chips
– when all the chocolate is melted in the milk and all the coffee is brewed, you’re ready to make your mug of latte.
– Pour the milk mixture into the mug – filling it ¼ to ½ full (depending on how sweet you like it or how strong you like your lattes)
– Fill the rest of the mug with the strong coffee you just brewed!

This was a tasty treat before bed and made for a great dessert to sip while watching some TV together on the couch!