Grandpa Beebe’s Funeral

We had the funeral for Grandpa Beebe on Monday. It was a great time to celebrate Grandpa’s 97 years of life! Uncle Kerry and Dad wrote out and delivered a eulogy, which was a special remembrance of some of everyone’s memories of Doc Beebe.

Doc Beebe was in the Rotary Club for over 50 years. We found out that he had perfect attendance in the Rotary Club for 46 years. That means that he went to a meeting a week for 46 years even when he was out of town. Uncle Kerry and Dad said that he planned his vacations around Rotary Club in order to make sure he was in attendance every Thursday no matter what.

I guess hearing 46 years of perfect attendance really impacted me. What an example of commitment and perseverance! Grandpa Beebe modeled commitment for all of us not only in his service in the Rotary Club but also in his marriage to Grandma Beebe for 66 years. We’ll sure miss him.

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